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Size doesn’t matter to malware and data breaches.

You may not have as many computers and mobile devices connected to your servers as large enterprises do, but small business IT networks are every bit as vulnerable to cybercrime. In fact, your smaller size may increase your susceptibility and the impact of a cyberattack. Some small businesses think it’s too costly to invest their limited resources in cybersecurity. Ironically, the cost of recovering from a significant incident is far greater than the price of prevention.

Download the new E-Book, 4 Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Startups and Small Businesses. Created by experts at Kaspersky Lab, this new resource will help you:

Develop best practices to protect your network and your confidential business data
Recognize the many different sources of destructive malware
Save time, money, and aggravation by protecting all your endpoints

Can you afford not to consider these important facts?