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Kaspersky Security Center is a major advance in protection management. It’s a central management solution that enables installation and administration of corporate anti-malware, plus monitoring and reporting on network and application infrastructure.

  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Systems Management


Does your IT team have to cope with having to run a variety of different, incompatible consoles – just to control essential IT security solutions, mobile device security and systems management tools? Kaspersky Security Center gives you a single, unified management console that makes it easier for your IT personnel to monitor and control your Kaspersky Lab security, mobile device management (MDM) and systems management technologies.

Easier Security, MDM and Systems Management – for Lower Costs & Higher Efficiency

Designed to simplify a wide range of systems administration and security tasks, Kaspersky Security Center makes it easy to configure, run and manage your systems – and the security for your IT and mobile devices – across a complex environment. With the convenience of one unified management console, Kaspersky Security Center gives you greater visibility of every endpoint on your corporate network, a simple interface into almost all Kaspersky security, MDM and systems management features – plus granular control over your users’ activities, including usage of applications, devices and the Internet.

  • Intuitive interface
    Designed for speed and ease of use, Kaspersky Security Center includes clear dashboards that convey key information at a glance.
  • Easy installation of security
    With wizard-driven tools, Kaspersky Security Center makes it quicker and easier to install, configure and update Kaspersky security applications across your IT estate.
  • Simplified access – from almost anywhere
    Kaspersky Security Center also includes a convenient Web Console – so you can monitor your corporate network’s security, from any Internet-enabled machine..
  • Flexible, detailed reports
    A wide variety of customisable reports – about security status and performance – can be generated on demand.
  • Supports today’s complex corporate IT environments
    Kaspersky Security Center runs on Windows but simplifies the management of a wide variety of platforms – including desktops and servers that run Windows or Linux operating systems, plus mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian.