Improving IT Security with Augmented Security | Preventing Cyber Security Threats

Mark Bermingham, Director, Global B2B Product Marketing shares in insights on how multi-layered IT Security can improve your security posture.

The Threat Landscape - A practical guide from the Kaspersky Lab experts

A practical guide to the Threat Landscape for IT professionals from the Kaspersky Lab experts. Provides background and practical advice on how to deal with the Threat Landscape in your business and top tips for creating security awareness in your business.

Practical Guide to IT & Data Breach Prevention

This Practical Guide outlines 5 key risks leading to security breaches: Employees: IT security hygiene best practice; Applications: Make patching a priority; Mobility: Protecting employees, wherever they’re working; Devices: Close the door to malware; Web and social: Balancing freedom and control.

Simplifying IT Security for Dummies

Read the book to find out about the most typical methods a cybercriminal uses to attack a small business; simple ways to improve your information security and straightforward information on how to choose security software that's right for your business.

Technology in Action: For the threats you can see and those you can't

A look into how Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business technology works to address known, unknown and advanced threats.

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