Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Kaspersky Security for Mobile is a new application from a product family based on a uniform set of world-class anti-malware and other core technologies. It offers easy-to-use, easy-to-manage security to protect confidential data on corporate mobile devices from loss, theft, unauthorized access and malware, wherever your employees travel.



By combining rigorous security technologies and far-reaching mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Kaspersky Security for Mobile delivers a single integrated solution that provides powerful, multi-layer protection and extensive management functionality.

  • World-class protection
    With mobile devices able to access your corporate network – and also capable of storing a vast amount of sensitive, corporate data – Kaspersky Security for Mobile delivers vital defences against mobile malware, phishing attacks and other mobile threats.
  • Easy to manage
    All of the mobile security and MDM functionality is integrated with Kaspersky Security Center, so you can manage virtually all of your Kaspersky Lab security technologies – including security for servers, workstations, mobiles and other endpoints – using just one integrated management console.
  • Support for multiple platforms*
    Kaspersky Security for Mobile supports a wide range of mobile platforms – including Android (plus special support for Samsung’s SAFE criteria for secure mobile devices), iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry. This multi-platform capability makes it easier for you to implement a secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative.

*Some features are not available for some of the supported mobile platforms.