University of Chile

Founded in 1842, the University of Chile is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Latin America. With more than 25,000 undergraduate students, it is also Chile’s most important institution for higher education.

Project implemented: June 2005
Platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix

The Challenge:

An antivirus system for the largest university in Chile, which can protect the entire campus network and all related organizations and is managed via the university’s own IT administration service (STI).

The Solution:

In June 2005, the University of Chile began using Kaspersky Lab antivirus protection on its network. The university’s administration chose the Kaspersky Lab solution after comparing the technical performance and economic advantages of five of the most well known antivirus products on the market. The university network is home to thousands of workstations, as well as servers, gateways and firewalls, which all use a variety of systems and platforms. Furthermore, the university plays an important role in the country’s IT infrastructure, since it administers the National Dominion Name System: NIC Chile.

Before the new antivirus system was installed, training was provided for system administrators in each of the university’s campuses. It was then necessary to uninstall the old product; configure and test the new antivirus system; remedy any teething problems and launch the service on the university networks. The university’s IT administration service (STI) and engineers from Escom Technologies were involved at every stage of the installation.

According to Escom’s Commercial Manager, Pablo Espinosa, Kaspersky Lab demonstrated that its product offers the fullest and most reliable protection on the market, having seen off competition from the university’s former antivirus provider and other bidders for the contract. The Escom team offered admirable support throughout the whole process, both during the initial testing and the trial period.


Lugarda Andrade, the university’s IT Maintenance and Support Coordinator, explained: “The Kaspersky Lab solution was chosen for its optimal price-quality ratio, comprehensive protection and excellent after-sale services. The Kaspersky Lab support team efficiently installed and configured the system and has continued to provide us with a high standard of support.”

Total Corporate Suite has been protecting 2,500 workstations and servers from malware attacks since July 2005.