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Kaspersky Lab safeguards trade fair operations in Switzerland

There is scarcely a company or private user these days that hasn’t yet been met with such pests as viruses, worms, and spam. In order to escape these bugs, every computer or server must be protected by antivirus and antispam software. The software market itself is flooded with many different providers, but not all products are effective or meet a company’s individual needs. Like other companies, Swiss Exhibition was also confronted with the problem of having to shop for a new antivirus solution. The reason: the old one was “leaking”.

Swiss Exhibition, established in 2001 through the merger of exhibition companies in Basel and Zürich, offers an exhibition area of 195,000 m2 and has its own additional congress center in Basel. Trade fair operations are run with about 500 PCs and 80 servers, which run on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Linux, MacOS and OpenBSD. Given the company’s size, crashes of these systems caused by viruses can not only disrupt trade fair operations, but can also carry serious economic consequences.

Swiss Exhibition wasn’t satisfied with its former antivirus protection due to technical and licensing issues, as well as insufficient technical support. Mario Leuzinger, Swiss Exhibition’s IT systems specialist, subsequently began looking for an antivirus solution which could live up to his needs and expectations. Alongside Kaspersky Lab, other providers such as McAfee, Norman, and Trend Micro were also in the running. In choosing the solution, Mario set the bar high -- aside from recognizing and eliminating adware and spyware, the solution should also master bandwidth-management. It was also important to him that the scanning engine could not be deactivated by a user and that comprehensive support would be available in German and English.

In the end, Kaspersky Lab topped the competition with its business solution – Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Business Optimal. “Above all, the superior virus recognition and spam filtering along with the hourly and urgent updates convinced me,” Mario explained. “The solid scalability, the flexible licensing model, and the excellent price/performance ratio were additional bonus points that made the decision final”.

After a testing period of one week, the solution was installed on all machines on the company’s network. “The installation on workstations was somewhat delayed by serious problems that came up while un-installing the old antivirus solution,” Mario recalled. The IT systems specialist found the adjustment phase of the new Kaspersky Lab software all the more pleasant. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal has been protecting 37 file servers, one Microsoft Exchange Server and 370 workstations from malware attacks since November 2005.

Protected Systems:
Workstations: 370 Windows 2000/XP
File Servers: 37 Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Linux and OpenBSD
Mail System: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Software used: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal

About Swiss Exhibition

Swiss Exhibition is one of the leading live marketing companies in Europe. It was founded in 2001 through the merger of exhibition companies in Basel and Zurich. The exhibition portfolio of Swiss Exhibition comprises roughly 25 exhibitions that it conceives, organizes and carries out. Swiss Exhibition also rents out its facilities in Basel and Zurich to independent exhibition, convention and event organizers and promoters. In Basel and Zurich, a yearly total of 40 to 50 home and guest exhibitions take place, involving about 15,000 exhibiting companies and generating more than 1.5 million visitors. Over 250 conventions and various events are carried out each year in the Congress Center in Basel.
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