With over 21 years on the market, Nedis has earned a leading position on the European market for electronic components, spare parts and accessories. Nedis currently has over 750 employees and distribution centers in 14 countries. Nedis exports its goods to over 80 countries.

Project implemented: July 2005
Platforms: Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 Server,
Windows 2000, Windows XP, SuSe Linux

The Challenge:

Antivirus and antispam protection has always been an integral part of Nedis’ corporate security policy. Today, with the increased amount of malicious programs and unwanted emails (e.g., spam), the company requires a product that will provide reliable protection and allow flexibility when it comes to settings.

Nedis has a team of IT administrators responsible for processing user requests. The company’s antivirus program needs to be easy to integrate into the company’s network structure. Otherwise, the order processing system will suffer. Furthermore, the amount of spam must be reduced, in order to keep the system working as smoothly as possible.

The company network is heterogeneous and includes workstations that run under Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The email server relies on SuSe Linux.

The Solution:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Corporate Suite includes a common licensing system for a variety of company needs and provides reliable protection from viruses, hacker attacks and spam. Another benefit in selecting the Kaspersky Lab solution is that it detects spyware, a feature that is included in the standard antivirus database. This makes it much easier to tailor settings to best meet the company’s needs.

The biggest challenge for Nedis in installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus was the company’s varied network: all of the computers run on different versions of the Windows family of operating systems. Nevertheless, out of a total of 120 computers, only 5 required special IT services, and most of those simply required reinstalling Windows.


Unlike other products, Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus solution - which is now used by Nedis – has the capability of creating a common security policy for the entire network. The software version and the antivirus database may be upgraded simultaneously for all computers on the network, and control over spyware has considerably increased the level of protection.

According to the IT staff at Nedis, “Kaspersky Administration Kit gives us powerful network management capabilities. Our system administrators are once again in control!”