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Kaspersky Lab protects Europe’s largest specialized mail-order outdoor gear retailer from viruses

The threat from computer viruses has become an ever-growing problem stretching across many different branches of business. IT companies that do business globally can be just as affected as a camping products mail-order company. This reality hit home at the Fritz Berger, which is why it looked around for an effective antivirus solution.

Fritz Berger, Europe’s largest specialized mail-order company of camping products, was founded in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz in 1957. The business has grown to include a staff of 200, employed at 28 locations throughout all of Germany. The comprehensive product line includes 14,000 items, ranging from attachment tents to furniture, electronic and vehicular accessories and a clothing line. These items are offered at the classic recreational retail outlets as well as through the company’s online store, which ships to customers across Europe.

In order to smoothly maintain its online shop and the administration of all its branches, Fritz Berger has an IT network of about 200 workstations and 16 servers. They were already “safeguarded” by an antivirus solution – yet in vain. In May 2004, a virus paralyzed a large part of the company’s operations for half a day, causing financial losses and lots of trouble. After this network failure, it became clear that the antivirus protection in use was inadequate.

The problem with the solution Fritz Berger had been using was primarily that its detection rates were too low. For Gerhard Feichtmeier, the IT Manager at Fritz Berger, enough was enough – he initiated a search for a completely effective antivirus solution. Following the recommendation of the system vendor Isonova Advanced Network Solutions Ltd, he took a closer look at Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus products and quickly decided in favor of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Business Optimal.

The short implementation period pleased Gerhard Feichtmeier immensely. “The deployment of the software and the agents via the server to individual PCs went smoothly and took only 10 minutes per PC,” Gerhard commented. “We were also thrilled that our internal network administrators could manage the solution, which of course kept the total cost of the installation low. Also, the administration and maintenance of the entire system have clearly improved since the introduction of the solution.”

After an adjustment period of only two days, the system was in place. The solution has been in use since November 2005 and Gerhard is convinced of its efficiency and userfriendliness: “My expectations concerning the rate of virus recognition and elimination of viruses have been completely met.”

Protected Systems:
Workstations: Windows 2000/XP
File Server: Windows NT
Mail Systems: Microsoft Exchange Server
200 workstations and 16 servers
Kaspersky Lab software in use: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal

About Fritz Berger

Fritz Berger is Europe’s leading company for the specialized mail-order of camping products. Currently, Fritz Berger has 28 locations in Germany and an online shop, in which the company offers more than 14,000 products. Through its retail outlets, Fritz Berger reaches its camping customers in all of Germany and with its online shop that ships to customers throughout Europe, it meets the needs of foreign demand. Further information is available at