New Kaspersky Lab Study: About One Third of All Phishing Attacks Aimed at Online Financial Institutions

03 Apr 2014

Cybercriminals have ramped up their efforts to not only steal your personal information, but also empty your wallet. According to new data released today by Kaspersky Lab, about one third of phishing attacks are aimed at acquiring personal information to steal money by creating fake sites that mimic financial organizations. This information was highlighted in Kaspersky Lab’s study, ‘Financial cyber threats in 2013,’ and notes that last year, 31.45 percent of phishing attacks used the names of leading banks, online stores and e-payment systems – up 8.5 percent from 2012. The study also found that in 2013, 70.6 percent used fake bank webpages to acquire confidential user information and steal money from bank accounts – a significant increase from 52% in 2012.

Highlighting data obtained voluntarily from Kaspersky Security Network participants, the report also covers the top brand names of online stores and e-commerce sites, like Amazon, PayPal and eBay, phishers use to steal money.

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