Stir in Security: Mother's Day Recipe for Securing the Household

09 May 2012

Are you always on the lookout for quick recipes?  If so, Kaspersky Lab has something for you:  the perfect security recipe for single people, couples and families.  This recipe is quick—guaranteed ready to serve in 30 minutes—and requires no expert knowledge.


  • Windows 7
  • Your choice of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, Kaspersky ONE Universal Security or Kaspersky PURE

Preparation (time required: approximately 30 minutes)

  • Install Windows 7 or complete your installation of a new PC by customizing your configuration.  If Windows 7 is already fully installed on your PC or laptop, skip this step.
  • Install the Kaspersky security software.  Not sure which to choose? 
    • If you only need to protect up to five desktops or laptops, you can use Kaspersky Internet Security
    • If you want to protect a Mac, smartphone and tablet in addition to a traditional desktop or laptop, choose Kaspersky ONE Universal Security
    • If you want comprehensive protection for the whole family, including centralized management and a password manager, choose Kaspersky PURE
  • Enter the activation key and sit back and relax!  The program will do the rest for you.
  • Once the installation is finished, check that the automatic Windows Updates are turned on.  To do this, simply open the Start Menu, type in “Windows Update” and select the suggested menu item.   This way, Kaspersky products will automatically download the latest updates from the internet and check the whole computer for malware. 

Here are five serving tips to garnish your security software product:

  1. Use a password safe—Users of Kaspersky PURE should always use the password manager.  Doing so enables you to create a separate, secure password for every web service you use.
  2. Protect your devices—Do you also use a smartphone, tablet or Mac to access the Internet?  If so, just protecting your Windows PC is not enough.  Kaspersky ONE Universal Security protects all Internet-capable devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and PCs.
  3. Be cautious—Don’t click on links in the emails in your spam folder, and avoid questionable offers and message boards.
  4. Protect children—The Parental Control functions in Kaspersky PURE help you define times when your children can go online, as well as specifying which content they can and cannot view.
  5. Make backups—Just having first-class malware protection is not enough.  What happens if your hard drive fails?  All your data could be lost, even your wedding video or the first pictures of your children.  Kaspersky PURE contains an integrated backup module that enables you to save important files.