A Snapshot of the Future of Cybersecurity

06 Apr 2012

How will the future of cybersecurity unfold?  What is the latest research on the work of cybercriminals and cyberweapons?  Check out these two YouTube videos as Kaspersky Lab experts answer those questions and more:   

  • In “From 2011 to 2012 – Into the Era of Cyberwarfare…?,” Director of Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team Costin Raiu analyzes the major IT security events in 2011 such as the rapid increase in hac ktivist groups, the Advanced Persistent Threat, cybercrime and cyberespionage to understand the  growing threat of cybersecurity and the new challenges we will encounter in the future.
  • In “Goals of Cyberweapons Analysis,” Kaspersky Lab expert Vitaly Kamluk shares his rese a r ch on the work of cybercriminals and cyberweapons in this YouTube video.  Unfortunately, in cyberwarfare research the final outcome is still unclear as countries struggle to collaborate to bring cybercriminals to justice.  Vitaly also discusses strategies on how countries can work together for a unified front against cybercrime.