How to Avoid a Password Leak

16 Jul 2012

LinkedIn and Yahoo Voices are just two of many recent high profile security breaches that led to personal data leaks, with the LinkedIn breach exposing 6.46 million user passwords and the Yahoo Voices breach exposing 400,000 user passwords.  How can we deal with the possibility that our passwords can be leaked?  Kaspersky Lab expert Dmitry Bestuzhev provides basic steps on how to avoid a big disaster when our passwords are compromised:

  • Use a different password for each different online resource. Never reuse the same password for different services. If you do, all or many of your other online accounts can be compromised.
  • Use complex passwords. This means, in a perfect scenario, a combination of symbols, letters and special characters. The longer the better.
  • Sometimes our online service providers don’t let us create really complex passwords, but try to use long passwords, with at least 23 characters in a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. A password of 23 characters (131 bits) would be ok.
  • For some users it’s hard to remember complex passwords, in which case a good solution would be to use a password manager like Kaspersky Password Manager.

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