Businesses vs. the Bad Guys: How Businesses Can Win the Fight Against Cyber Threats

01 Oct 2012

Kaspersky Lab and B2B International recently conducted a survey among IT professionals working for large and medium-sized businesses to find out what IT specialists thought of corporate security solutions, to determine their level of knowledge about current threats, the sort of problems they most often face, and their ability to evaluate the risks associated by cyber-threats. According to half of those surveyed, cybercrime in its various forms is the second biggest threat to business.  Other key points included in the report: 

  • The most common threats faced by IT specialists are malicious programs, spam, phishing, network intrusions and targeted attacks
  • Internal threats can be just as dangerous as external threats: the most common internal threat faced by IT professionals is software vulnerabilities, followed by data leaks due to the actions of staff or loss/theft of a device
  • 67% of respondents cited anti-malware as the main protection against cyber-threats, followed by software updates, the implementation of different levels of access rights to various IT systems, and encryption
  • The main problems IT security specialists face that result in an inability to perform their duties are budget constraints and lack of a clear understanding of IT security issues among senior managers
  • Increasing the level of computer literacy among staff is an essential element of security, while top management must be fully aware of the potential consequences of cyber-threats and understand that reliable protection of the corporate network is necessary to ensure the effective development of a company’s IT infrastructure

Check out the full report for more details