780 New Malicious Programs Designed to Steal Users’ Online Banking Data Detected Every Day

02 Feb 2012

Did you know that over the last three months, Trojan bankers have been detected on an average of 2000 unique users’ computers every day?  What’s more, did you know that 780 signatures for new malicious programs that target sensitive financial information are added daily to Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database?

In January Kaspersky Lab experts discovered a Trojan designed to steal account details from clients of numerous banks. How does it work?  The Trojan waits for the online banking service to run, then it opens a window disguised as an authorization form for the respective bank, asking the user for their account information.  Once the fraudsters obtain this confidential information, they have full access to the victim’s bank account. While this particular Trojan primarily targets users from the UK, it’s important to note that Trojan bankers affect just about every corner of the globe. 

Kaspersky Lab would like to remind users to be extremely cautious with their confidential information, and to pay close attention to online forms that ask for this sort of data.

For all the details, as well as a list of targeted banks, click here.