Online Webinar: “Targeted attacks - personal or corporate?”

25 Jul 2011

Hundreds of major businesses - including Google, Adobe, RSA Security, Juniper, and Yahoo - have been hit by targeted malware attacks. How is this happening? Organized attackers are using zero-day vulnerabilities and combining clever email lures to trick business users into clicking on .doc and .pdf attachments.

During this recorded webinar, Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team, explains the nature of the most striking incidents including RSA, HBGary, Google’s Gmail, and Lockheed Martin, and how these organizations fell victim to attack.

These threats impact all members of an organization, not just IT managers. Costin's insights provides corporate employees with a better understanding of to how safely work during the business day while limiting the damage from a potential attack.

With organizations facing tight budgets and resources, the emphasis of understanding and avoiding these attacks for all employees is paramount.

Other topics covered include smartphone security, Mac OS X and social media threats.  

To listen to the recorded webinar, please visit: here