Kaspersky Lab Top Management Ranks "Most Powerful Voices in IT Security"

21 Sep 2011

Kaspersky Lab Chairman and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, has been ranked as the Most Powerful Security Executive in the world by Internet technology publisher SYS-CON Media. He also ranked among the Top 25 Most Powerful Voices in Security in the same source survey SYS-CON Media used for the rankings - appearing sixth on the list.

What does this mean?  According to SYS-CON, as the world’s most powerful security executive, Eugene is listed as having 5,035 times more broadcast power reach than an active Internet user with an average level of impact, influence and use of social tools.  Don't miss out on what he's saying.  Follow Eugene on Twitter at: @e_kaspersky.

Eugene’s not the only Kaspersky Exec who topped the charts. Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer of Kaspersky Lab, also landed on the Top 100 Most Powerful Voices in Security list.



The ranking by SYS-CON Media of the Most Powerful Voices (MPV) in Security is based on a survey of more than 140 security company executives, 320 bloggers and people in media, 100 of the top experts in cloud computing, 30 people involved in specialized organizations, over 20 government officials, over 130 leading CISOs, and 75 industry analysts from notable firms such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, ESG, and others. In total more than 800 influential people were surveyed.

The metrics used in the research, which measured both broadcast power and profundity, were identified through a number of studies performed across several industry categories. The MPV formula is based on "reach" by examining the number of followers and buzz an individual has on sites like Google and Twitter and many others. The estimation of the impact an individual has with his followers and subscribers is based on the amount of buzz created around blog posts, tweets, Quora answers, LinkedIn groups, and other messages, as well as on the frequency of references in the blogosphere.