G+ Users Skyrocket...But are There Privacy Issues?

15 Jul 2011

With Google+ invites rapidly growing  (reports indicate it could reach 20 million users by the end of this weekend), privacy concerns are always top of mind for new users. And following the recent questions about Facebook’s privacy, a new social media network is likely to cause greater uncertainty in privacy and confidentiality.

Right now it’s too early to determine how the masses will react to Google+ features and its privacy regulations; however, it’s not too early to start thinking about it. 

Kaspersky Lab’s Stefan Tanase has already put together some insights and initial opinions on G+. Stefan specializes in malware 2.0, web security and phishing attacks as a senior security researcher and often writes about the latest threats targeting social networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Check out his thoughts on ZDNet. Here's an excerpt:

"The recent launch of Google+ has prompted many questions and concerns regarding privacy on the social network. The thing is, it’s never about “major concerns” when talking about social networks and privacy or security. It’s usually those little things, very subtle features or options, that many users might not fully grasp, that can cause serious damage. Only time will tell how all Google+’s features will be used and perceived by the masses.

I must admit though, I’d give a huge 'plus' to Google for making their privacy policy more accessible — shorter and easier to read. More than that, I like how they are positioning the social network among users worried about sharing too much information: come to us, we have circles. But guess what — you can do more or less the same thing with Facebook, by assigning your friends to different groups with different privileges, but it requires much more clicks on the user’s side. Hence my 'plus' for Google+."