Eugene Kaspersky Gets One-on-One with CSO Steve Orenberg

04 Oct 2011

When Steve Orenberg came to Kaspersky Lab in 2004, it was to help launch the business in the U.S. Now, more than six years later, as Chief Sales Officer, Steve is responsible for all sales and business development activities in North America and Western Europe.

Eugene Kaspersky talks one-on-one with Steve and discusses the changes the industry has faced, the challanges Steve experienced when establishing the company in the Americas, the "user-centric" model and where the company is headed next. 

Here's an excerpt:

"When we first approached retailers in 2006 they were not receptive at all to taking in another security vendor. 'AV is a commodity,' 'We already have three or four vendors in the category,' 'We don’t have any more shelf space,' and 'No one has heard of Kaspersky' were the usual responses we got. One by one we convinced retailers that there was a market that wasn’t being addressed – the technologically-aware market that understood that you don’t purchase security just based on the lowest price or who spends the most on marketing . This market was looking for premium protection and support. Once we confirmed our success with a small number of retailers all the others eventually followed suit."

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