Google Instant - I'm not convinced yet

10 Sep 2010

This week, Google Instant was introduced and, I have to say I'm not entirely convinced and not a fan, yet. In case you aren't aware of the new function, when you search on Google's homepage it starts to auto-fill what you are typing. Apparently, it is also personalized to your location and suggests better search terms.

The purpose: to save users two to five seconds per search. Seriously? If you have a decent Internet service, it takes two seconds for a normal Google search to yield results. Ian Paul of PCWorld talks about the yays and nays from the Interwebs in this article, "Google Instant: Criticisms and Controversies". There are concerns because it is perventing "controversial" terms to yield results and shows a blank white screen. Also, Google Instant has retired many search features - which could be aggrevating.

The other concern is that it could hinder search optimization. It's a big part in the way we work on the Internet these days and Google is such a big part of this practice.

It was interesting to watch comments on Twitter about the new search function. The majority of the Tweets I saw, were the same as mine. It seems like more of an annoyance than actually helpful. It'll be interesting to see this play out. I guess like all new things, it will take some getting use to, hopefully.
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