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Woman-To-Woman: How to Make in the Channel


Women Of The Channel Offer Advice To The Up And Coming

Here is advice from the Women of the Channel who work at IT companies that have come in tops in their markets in our Annual Report Card. Some have simple credos they live by, while others shared a bit more. Either way, these women are certainly role models to the next wave of female executive. And who better to dispense wisdom than those who reign at firms considered leaders by the channel?

Kaspersky: Kristen Capone, VP Channel Sales, North America

• Know the distinct difference between assertive and aggressive; for a woman it matters.

• Build a life-net, one relationship at a time and make sure your constituents know your agenda, goals, dreams and desires both personally and professionally. They will help you get there.

• Lead with a servant heart; by helping others reach their goals and live their dreams, you will be rewarded exponentially. To lead is both a gift and a responsibility.

• Don’t forget to give back. If we only work at our job, we are missing out on great opportunities to contribute to society.

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