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Kaspersky Lab Senior Researchers to Present at SOURCE Boston

WHAT: Three Kaspersky Lab Senior Researchers will be participating in the upcoming SOURCE Boston Conference. The SOURCE Conference is the first and only conference combining advanced technology and security practices with the business of security. Two of Kaspersky’s researchers will lead a session at the conference analyzing the aspects and impact of exploit kits in today’s market. Additionally, one of the researchers will be participating in a panel discussion on the controversial topic of botnet mitigation.

Fuel for Pwnage: Exploit kits 

Jorges Mieres and Vicente Diaz, Senior Malware Researchers, Kaspersky Lab

Exploit kits have been utilized for many years and have been used in almost every single malicious campaign for one reason: to increase the number of users victimized. These exploits are still very active and it’s important to understand how to prevent them. In this session, Vicente Diaz and Jorges Mieres, Senior Malware Researchers, will discuss the technical evolution of the kits, their market ratio, the reasons of their success, their use in different famous malicious campaigns and social and economic aspects of these products in the underground market.

Panel: The Ethics of Botnet Mitigation

Panel discussion featuring Tillmann Werner, Senior Malware Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

For Justice Departments, dealing with cyber crime legislation and penalties is still a relatively new jurisdiction.  Kaspersky Lab Researcher Tillmann Werner will participate in this panel discussion on real world botnet mitigation scenarios. Additionally the panel will review the limitations of countermeasures and address the ethics surrounding these decisions.


WHO:           Tillmann Werner, Senior Malware Researcher, Kaspersky Lab Americas

                   Vicente Diaz, Senior Malware Researcher, Kaspersky Lab Americas 

                   Jorges Mieres, Senior Malware Researcher, Kaspersky Lab Americas


WHEN:        The SOURCE Conference takes place from April  20-22, 2011

                   Specific sessions featuring Kaspersky Lab Experts Include:

                   Fuel for Pwnage: Exploit kits - Location: Seaport Ballroom A 

                   Thursday, April 21 2010, 10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. ET

                   Panel: The Ethics of Botnet Mitigation - Location: Plaza Ballroom A

                   Thursday, April 21 2010, 3:40 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET


WHERE:        SOURCE Boston 2011

                      Seaport Hotel

                      1 Seaport Lane

                      Boston, MA, USA


CONTACT:   Greg Sabey                 

                     Kaspersky Lab

                     Phone: 781-503-2654


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