TOR Network Increasingly Being Abused by Cybercriminals: Kaspersky Lab

05 Mar 2014

SecurityWeek, By Brian Prince

The TOR Network's promise of anonymity is attractive for all kinds of Web users, human rights activists, political dissidents and everyday users concerned about privacy.

But this same anonymity also makes it attractive for cybercriminals.

At Kaspersky Lab, researchers say there has been an uptick in criminal activity on TOR during the past few months. 

"Although the Tor infrastructure and cybercriminal resources are not on the same scale as the conventional Internet, we managed to find approximately 900 hidden services online at the current time," blogged Sergey Lozhkin of Kaspersky Lab. "There are also approximately 5,500 nodes in total and 1,000 exit nodes, but the possibility of creating an anonymous and abuse-free underground forum, market or malware C&C [command and control] server is attracting more and more criminals to the Tor network." Read more.