Report: Phishing Scams Increasingly Using Mobile Apps to Bait Victims

07 May 2014

PCWorld, By Tony Bradley

When it comes down to it, spam and phishing scams rely primarily on exploiting trust. If the attacker can find a way to make the message appear to be from a known source, the odds that a user will take the bait are much higher. This has led to malware infections that access your contacts and send out infected emails on your behalf to everyone you know, and those same basic techniques have been adapted for instant messaging, social networks, and even SMS text messaging. According to a new report from Kaspersky Lab, Mobile apps are the new frontier.

“Gadgets have become popular even among those who had little interaction with computers and are less familiar with computer security," Darya Gudkova, head of the content analysis and research department for Kasperky Lab, said in an email.  "This opens up new vectors of attacks for spammers and phishers. Read more.