Obama Says Cyberterrorism Is Country's Biggest Threat, U.S. Government Assembles "Cyber Warriors"

18 Feb 2014

International Business Times, By Christopher Harress

Cybersecurity has become a U.S. government priority in the past year, after a string of denial of service (DOS) attacks on government computers and hacking attempts of the CIA’s main computer, as well as on French, Israeli and British defense agencies. But while many of these sophisticated cyberattacks have sought to inconvenience governmental agencies that have little impact on day-to-day public life, many in the government are increasingly worried about an attack on the energy sector.

Just last week, the Internet security company Kaspersky Lab said it had uncovered the most sophisticated cyberthreat it had ever seen, called The Mask. Experts there said that the operation was most likely from a Spanish-speaking country and will likely target natural gas and oil companies. They also said that the threat appears to have been around since 2007 and has taken over thousands of IP addresses in dozens of countries.

The recent discovery follows attacks from Flame malware about two years ago that rendered Iranian computer systems completely useless. At that time, it was one of the most dangerous cyberterrorism programs. Read more.