Mobile Threat Monday: Android Trojan Turns Your Phone Into a Nasty Spam Factory

26 May 2014

PC Magazine, By Max Eddy

You're minding your own business when your Android phone dings and you see that dear aunt Hortense has texted you a link to some pictures. Most people would tap the link without even thinking about whether it was unusual that their aged relative had suddenly taken up texting selfies, and could unwittingly become victims of a mobile malware scam.

This week on Mobile Threat Monday, Kaspersky Labs introduces us to a Trojan that hijacks your phone to send spam and malicious links to your friends and relatives. Yes, even dear, old aunt Hortense.

Once installed on a victim's device, the Trojan Kaspersky calls "Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Opfake.a" has access to a wide range of abilities. Some of these are simply to cull data from infected phones, like uploading victims' contact lists and a list of installed applications to a remote sever. It can also change URLs in browser bookmarks and open websites. Read more.