Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review from TopTenReviews

05 Mar 2014

TopTenReviews, Randall Sutherland

Before exposing your PC to the shape-shifting dangers of the internet, arm yourself with Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky blocks aggressive zero-day and known threats. This internet security product is comprehensive and effective and winner of the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award. With Kaspersky security, you can relax and enjoy the internet. This security suite has strong parental controls, identify theft protection, a two-way firewall, safe surfing, Facebook tools, a geo filter and an online banking mode. The parental controls are powerful. You can configure it to block your children from sharing personal information online. Kaspersky scans programs to detect any behavior that might betray vulnerabilities in legitimate software. For example, hackers often do things to Java and Adobe Reader in order to breach computer defenses. Kaspersky is on the lookout for these hacks. Kaspersky also protects against ransomware that blocks computers while demanding payment for unlocking. Read more.