One size security doesn’t fit all for SMBs: Kaspersky

14 Jun 2013

IT Business, By Jeff Jedras

SAN FRANCISCO – Many small businesses view IT security as either a daunting undertaking or an unnecessary expense, but some form of security is necessary for any small business, and it’s not a case of one-size fits all.

In an interview at Kaspersky Lab’s annual security reviewers summit, Tiffany Rad, a security researcher with the Russian vendor’s global research and analysis team, told that while a certain level of protection is necessary for any small business, the level of protection needed will vary based on their threat level and risk tolerance.

“To understand what your threat is, you need an understanding of what your assets are and what your risks are,” said Rad. “Those are the factors that need to be weighed to determine what you need, and whether putting in an enterprise-level security suite and physical security is necessary or practical.” Read more.