Eugene Kaspersky And Mikko Hypponen Talk Red October And The Future Of Cyber Warfare At DLD

21 Jan 2013

TechCrunch, By: Frederic Lardinois

What is the consequence of cyber warfare slowly becoming increasingly common? That was the basic question that guided the DLD keynotes of Eugene Kaspersky, the co-founder of security company Kaspersky Lab, and F-Secure‘s chief research officer Mikko Hypponen.

Kaspersky, who admitted that all his years of security research left him a bit paranoid, argued that the early viruses and malware of the 90s was the equivalent of a bicycle, with the criminal malware we now increasingly face being cars. Stuxnet and other currently active state-sponsored viruses, in his view, are like space shuttles and Red October, the recently discovered highly sophisticated malware that performs very targeted attacks, in his view, is like the space station.