Windows 8 As A Security Tool: Its Anticipated Effects And Risks

19 Oct 2012

By: Ken Presti, CRN

With Windows 8 poised to roll out, information security experts are scrutinizing the new OS in comparison to the level of security offered in its predecessor, Windows 7. The general consensus is that while Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) continues to get serious about security, users who attempt to rely on Windows 8 as a security tool will likely be disappointed.

"The threat landscape is like water running down a hill," said Gerry Egan, senior director of product management at Norton by Symantec (NSDQ:SYMC). "It takes the easiest path. If you block off that path, it selects the next easiest path. If you block off that one, it chooses the next easiest. So, Microsoft has raised the bar. But, Windows 8 will not stop the flood."