Security Expert Warns of Risks in Google's Chrome OS and Apple's iCloud

02 Mar 2012

By: Elise Ackerman, Forbes

Roel Schouwenberg, a security researcher at Kaspersky Labs, on Thursday afternoon warned security professionals attending RSA 2012, one of the industry’s foremost gatherings, that design flaws in Chrome OS and iCloud may make them unsuitable for business use.

Schouwenberg praised Google for developing a rock-solid platform from a security point of view, but warned that users were still exposed to attack through the apps running in their browsers.

“Everyone has heard about the huge increase in Android malware, a lot can be found in the Android marketplace,” Schouwenberg said. “The same problems exist in the Chrome marketplace.”

Schouwenberg said malicious Chrome apps are less prevalent than malicious mobile apps but noted that it is also difficult to detect malware on Chromebooks, slimmed down computers that run only the Chrome OS and browser, because they aren’t protected by anti-malware programs.

As an example, he cited a Chrome app that Kaspersky Labs identified that tried to steal a person’s Facebook credentials.