Possible Upcoming App Has Potential Security Issues

22 Aug 2012


A bevy of big-name retailers including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target Corp. are teaming up to create a company to give you a way of purchases with nearly any smartphone -but there are questions about reliability and safety.
Roel Schouwenberg a senior researcher, at Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based internet security company with North American headquarters, joins NECN Business to discuss the future of such an app.
Schouwenberg says that with an app like this, people will just be able to order on their phones and be able to pick up items immediately, but there will be problems.
“There are going to be new challenges, most definitely malware,” says Schouwenberg. “This is going to be the major catalyst for malware attacking mobile devices.
He also says that it presents a potential danger for credit and debit cards.
“Some of the other problems we see right now, cloning credit cards, cloning debit cards, I think in five to 10 years…that problems is going to be much more in the background,” says Schouwenberg.
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