Kaspersky maintains profitability and control as they move into 2012

13 Feb 2012

By: Steve Ragan, The Tech Herald


Last week, The Tech Herald traveled to Mexico in order to attend an event hosted by Kaspersky. Yes, I know that's bragging. But considering Indianapolis was just ending a week of Super Bowl madness, and it was freezing here, I was all too happy to attend.

There were several reporters in Mexico with me, many of whom I’ve met before, and others who I’ve just followed while reading the headlines. On top of that, several of Kaspersky’s research staff were on hand to talk about almost anything.

Still, the most interesting things to come out of Mexico as it pertains to Kaspersky is the proof that the company is stocked with some solid people. I’m not talking about people obsessed with Malware research or cyber crime. Kaspersky’s crew has that, but I’m talking about people who honestly take an interest in the connected world, and realize they are just a single piece in a much larger puzzle.