State of optimism: Kaspersky's Krempulec on the mood in the security channel, 2011, and partners

24 Jan 2011

CRN Canada, By Christopher Rogers

Cautiously optimistic. That’s how Kevin Krempulec, Kaspersky’s vice president of sales for Canada, described the mood of end-user customers in the security space. It’s a great way of looking at things. There are pieces on the horizon such as mobility and cloud that are still going to cause some risk and uneasiness, but many organizations feel they’ve been a lot of security in place to minimize that risk.

From a partner perspective, Krempulec said that security is always top-of-mind. As attack vectors evolve, the demand ebbs and flows, but he said it tends to be a top three initiative for most partners. To put it bluntly, “…security is always something [partners] are going to need to weave into their solution.”

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