Security: 11 Security Apps to Protect Your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Smartphone

08 Apr 2011

eWeek, Fahmida Rashid

There were more attacks on mobile devices in 2010 as more people used smartphone and tablets for mobile computing and Web surfing. Users are less security savvy about malware on mobile devices. Cyber-attackers bundled Trojans into legitimate apps, tricked users into downloading malicious apps or used social engineering techniques to trick users into clicking on questionable links. The latest annual Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec found Android users were particularly vulnerable, and the recent rash of malicious apps in the Android Market also highlighted the importance of mobile security...With corporate data being stored on mobile devices, such as email and documents, IT departments are increasingly concerned about protecting that information in case the devices are lost or stolen...Consequently, mobile security has become critical, and a number of vendors have stepped up to fill the need. Here, eWEEK highlights some mobile security apps across all the major platforms...

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