Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection

14 Feb 2011

That Tech Chick, By Jessica Benton

Everyone needs to have anti virus security installed on their computer. I recently installed Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection on my computer to review.

I hate installing software on my computer that I am not physically using right that second. However, being a Tech Chick I know it is needed. I had McAfee installed and first had to uninstall the program fully to install Kasperskey PURE. This took a few minutes and I even had to visit the Kasperskey website to download the uninstall tool. Finally I installed the program and ran the anti virus scan on my computer. It did find 3 trojans that I did not know I had. So now those are fixed, removed, or quarentined.

The features I especially like about Kasperskey is the fact that I can use it on 3 computers and the parental controls that are controlled by one computer. Now when my son gets grounded from playing World of Warcraft, I can disable the program or even his internet right from my laptop, where I spend most of my day.

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