Fun From The Islands: 25 Scenes From Kaspersky Lab Americas Partner Conference

23 Feb 2010

CRN, By Stefanie Hoffman

Welcome To The Caribbean
Yes, Kaspersky Lab partners could have it worse. This year, Kaspersky Lab held its annual partner conference right on the beach at the Moon Palace Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Why the Caribbean? In light of the fact that it is the Americas Partner Conference, the Caribbean is a perfect midway point between both North and South Americas. You also won't hear too many partners complaining.

During the three-day conference, held Feb. 11-14, channel partners were treated to lavish parties, snorkeling excursions, jungle safaris, live salsa bands, and all the rum they could drink. And that's when they weren't hanging out by the beach or the resort's numerous pools in between sessions. And oh yes, they learned about Kaspersky's plans to tackle the enterprise and develop a global marketing strategy. Here are a few scenes from the conference.

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