Users Still Worst Enemy to Endpoint Security

28 Mar 2008

By Daniel P. Dern

eWeek Mid-Market

March 28, 2008


BOSTON—The worst enemy of security on endpoints—including desktop and notebook computers and mobile devices both on and off the network—is the user....

Panelists agreed. "I now have a lot more 'leakage' points that can be attacked," said Tom Bowers, senior security evangelist at Kaspersky Labs. Cell phones are a prime example, Bowers said. "A cell phone used to only have a little bit of information on it, but it may now have marketing plans and other intellectual property.

As if it's not bad enough today, the potential attack surface of mobile devices is only going to expand, Bowers noted, given that Google has announced that the first Android mobile phone applications will arrive in early fall. "In a year, mobile devices will be far more potent risk factors," he said. Read More.